Why FootBalance Insoles?

FootBalance 100% custom insoles support your feet properly in a neutral position (known as “Windlass”) aiding a balanced stance and correct posture. Developed in Finland by medical professionals in collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and professional athletes, the FootBalance equipment provides a personalised foot analysis. Moulded while the foot is in the correct, neutral position, the result is perfectly fitting and comfortable custom insoles, delivering natural foot alignment, within a 30 minute appointment.

How do I know if I need FootBalance custom insoles?

Your feet act as a platform for your entire body, and custom-made insoles can address a wide range of issues caused by foot misalignment, including muscle and joint pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles. Everyone’s feet are different, and our own even differ from left to right. FootBalance custom insoles correct misalignment and deliver natural foot alignment.

What are custom insoles?

The FootBalance system allows a Footbalance accredited podiatrist to create custom insoles which will support your feet properly in a neutral position. This aids a balanced stance and correct body posture.

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