Lacuna Method 

Fungal Nail Treatment

What is The Lacuna Method™?

The Lacuna Method™ is a treatment for fungal nails that involves drilling micro-holes painlessly into the damaged nails.
This allows an anti-fungal agent to directly reach the infected skin under the nail.
The patient is then required to apply a topical anti- fungal agent to the infected nail once daily and return every 6 weeks while the infection is present for further treatment.
As the nail is “dead” the holes will remain and will grow out naturally with the nail.

How do I know I have a fungal nail?

You may have noticed some changes in the texture, quality and colour of your nails, sometimes it is noticed after nail varnish or gels have been removed.

Typical first signs tend to be a yellow or brown discolouration, nails may become thick, crumbly or brittle. Nails can become distorted, misshapen and may lift from the nail bed losing their healthy shine.

What causes fungal infections?

Fungal nail infections are caused by fungi, yeast and dermatophytes that naturally live on our skin. When trauma to the nail occurs i.e. trauma from footwear or stubbing your toe, the fungi can invade and thrive under the nail plate. 
Fungi thrive in the moist, warm environment of socks and shoes, causing damage, thickening and discolouration of the nail. This most commonly affects the big toes. However, all nails are vulnerable.
Treatment is notoriously difficult, as the nail plate acts as a barrier, shielding the area and creating the perfect warm & damp environment underneath for bugs to over-populate.